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On this Site, I will introduce you to the world's most famous whiskey -
"Jack Daniel's". 

By collecting for many years and visits in Lynchburg, I gathered
an abundance of information in order to bring out the first unofficial
german web site into being. You will find lots of information of the
history, the different whiskeys and of many bottles.

Like everything in life, nothing is perfect and if you have further
information or found errors please let me know. I really appreciate your help!

I would be pleased about every entry in my "Guest Book".

My collection covers at present approx. 215 different bottles, more than
275 glasses and many other collectibles.

Store this site under your "favorites" and come back regularly,
because I will try to complete and to improve it currently.

THANKS, to all who helped me with pictures and information.

LAST UPDATE: 14.09.2003